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Overcoming Document Management Challenges with Graph API-based Integration


  • A global player in the pharmaceutical industry faced a challenge of migrating approximately 21.5 million documents with a volume of nearly seven terabytes of content stored in SharePoint and Documentum document repositories.
  • The content was spread over 200 cabinets representing various use cases and business units, resulting in more than 20 document types with more than 110 individual attributes
  • Coforge has developed a Graph API-based UI solution to access SharePoint via Documentum D2 UI using DocuSPX framework developed by the Coforge’s inhouse ECM team, allowing users to easily locate and search for SharePoint documents from the Documentum UI with a single click.

Core Value Proposition

The DocuSPX integration allows seamless movement or copying of documents from SharePoint to Documentum, and obeys all user access and authorization rules defined in both Documentum and SharePoint applications


  • The integration provides benefits such as easy accessibility and searching of SharePoint documents from the Documentum UI, seamless movement or copying of documents, and compliance with user access and authorization rules in both applications.
  • This solution helps the customer meet their regulatory and submission needs while overcoming the challenges posed by quality assurance requirements and a tight timeframe.

Key features

  • This DocuSPX solution is an REACT JavaScript HTML widgets integrated with MS Graph API and includes a Tree Pane Navigation widget to display SharePoint sites and folders, a Centre Pane display widget, and direct content fetch and ingestion operation through SharePoint API and D2 workflow processes.
  • The solution also provides seamless browser authentication to SharePoint (OAuth-Azure) and Documentum (SAML SSO- Azure), ensuring a secure and seamless user experience.
  • REACT UI widgets are integrated as part of the D2 build with no additional infrastructure.
  • Supports up to 4000 document per transaction.
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