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NextGen Kiosk implementation w/ Cloud-first

Tech Overview

  • Transformation Initiatives – Application, Cloud, Provisioning
  • Full stack developers and autonomous teams
  • Release Automation on AWS environment
  • Angular, Java Spring-boot based microservices, AWS EC2, ECS, Redis, AWS CI/CD, AWS CodeCommit, AWS SQS, AWS Cloudformation, Amazon Cloudwatch, API Management(Mashery)

Business Challenges

  • Low boarding pass issuance success rate of 60%
  • Architecture not supporting high availability and resilience
  • Slow time to market - release cycle of 3 months
  • Rising hardware and software operating costs and development timelines

Solution Offered

  • Initial involvement in architecture services, Microservices development. Gradually took over the UX design & development and AWS Environment Management and overall program management
  • Parallel workstreams to deliver containerized microservices and user interface
  • Design, provision, configure, and manage AWS infrastructure using code and templates
  • Monitor and enforce infrastructure compliance
  • Execution of a closely coordinated program, with the client team, and external suppliers • Full stack teams & consistent practice of Agile for the delivery of MVP
  • Continuous delivery of feature releases
  • Took on additional responsibility of configuring kiosk devices for additional kiosk

Value Delivered

  • First Cloud based Microservices architecture delivered to IAG
  • Improved passenger experience with reduced time for check-in at Kiosks
  • Increased self-service availability and resiliency from 95% to 99.8%
  • Increase in the boarding pass issuance from 60% to greater than 90%
  • Built in log analytics and monitoring using CloudWatch
  • Ability to release at will
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