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Modernizing investor calculation cloud-native APIs to replace third party application

The Client

One of the major US-based financial organizations providing platforms and services in investment processing, investment management, and investment operations, to private banks, investment advisors, investment managers, and private clients.

Business Challenge

The client’s existing advisor platform was dependent on third-party vendors resulting in a long development cycle, data inaccuracy, slow response time, and high cost. 

Our Solution

  • Coforge partnered with the client to co-create a cloud-native microservices-based solution to reduce dependence on third-party vendors.
  • Investment Calculation Service was a complex process, with multiple integrations and stakeholders involved in the process. Our team worked in close conjunction with the business team for statistical analysis to derive the risk ratings, performance and projected returns for the portfolio.
  • Coforge proposed cloud-native architecture for developing microservices packaged in containers and deployed on the public cloud following DevSecOps and agile practices. 
  • The investor calculation API(s) was developed and deployed on Azure serverless architecture to achieve elasticity, resilience, and high response time, seamless integration with Kafka brokers and other databases using Microsoft Azure Data factory. Complete automation was achieved using IaaS (terraform) and CICD (Azure DevOps)
  • Domain analysts were added to the testing team to perform domain-driven testing to validate and test the logic and algorithms.

The Result

  • Saved annual license cost of existing vendor applications.
  • Improved release frequency from a fixed quarterly cycle to weekly updates through DevSecOps and Agile delivery processes
  • Near real-time availability and easy integration of portfolio return data. Reducing integration efforts (up to 90%)
  • Potential revenue generation opportunity by monetizing services & assets
  • Enabling digital transformation and business agility by improving communication between applications and streamlining business capabilities
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