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Migration of Legacy Ramp Handling System to Micro-Services and Serverless Architecture

The system was designed to enable users to harvest the unique service values which are well known in the industry as well as increase the serviceability to Airlines, Airport and other stakeholders in the airport ecosystem. Key features for clients delivered were

  • Modularity
  • Cloud based architecture
  • MicroServices for future proofing
  • Next generation UI/UX
  • Mobile Ready
  • DevSecOps agility

Business Challenges Solution

Existing legacy application was built on Sybase and Power builder and was becoming a maintenance challenge due to its outdated technology, expired support for the products and complexities in its monolithic implementation.

  • The application was very rigid in making changes
  • Enhancement were expensive and risky
  • Slower GTM and release cycles

Coforge Solution

A complete rewrite of the existing application was done using microservices architecture and web enabled user interface. The application designed for cloud provided agility and a flexible architecture that was able to adopt technologies like Kubernetes and Angular.

  • Containerization of Ramp Handling System application
  • On-demand, Auto-scaling configuration for Worker node and Amazon Aurora Serverless
  • Building and deploying application on AWS natively for Application Modernization
  • Infrastructure as a Code All the services were launched using CloudFormation scripts
  • Provided ability to release at will

Benefits to Client

  • Infrastructure cost reduction by 70%
  • Built in-log analytics and monitoring using cloud native services
  • Better user experience and high observability
  • Enabled high availability, resiliency and optimization for the new application
  • Improved performance of the systems
  • Platform engineering approach to bring Agility in new system
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