Master Data Management for a US Pharmaceutical Company


Data is the life blood of a pharmaceutical organizations and a comprehensive data management lays the foundation for a robust IT ecosystem. Coforge, having deep data expertise and strong domain understanding, was able to help our client tackle the data paradigm with a holistic approach.

About the Client

A large American Life Science company with a focus on CNS, having decades of experience in R&D. The client is part of a conglomerate with a presence across the globe

Business Challenge

The customer invited Coforge for advice on how to setup data governance and quality control process for catalyzing ROI on their cloud-based data Lake and to support them in future-readying their data management platform at a lower TCO, with well-defined processes, and a skilled team in line with compliance and regulations.

Our Solution

Coforge proposed a well-rounded solution to address all the challenges, a few key points are highlighted below:

  • Complete end to end data landscape assessment, data quality and MDM Health check for Azure Cloud based Data Lake
  • Performed automated Data Quality assessment and identification of data issues
  • Worked with Domain specific Data stewards on business specific data exclusions, enrichment, standardization and curation process
  • • Health check on HCP/HCO (Customer MDM) and improving on match & merge rules, IDQ and IDE based Exception Management
  • Setup audit balance control to get early warning and notification for data mismatch across commercial data environment comprising of Data Lake, MDM, CRM and Sales Incentive system.

Delivering more value:

  • Well defined Data Quality and Governance process to certify commercial data environment on monthly basis
  • Improved data stewardship and business confidence in MDM data
  • Early warning and proactive notification for data issues
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