Landscape assessment, Data Migration & BI Support for a Specialty Insurance Company

Problem statement

The customer invited Coforge for advice on how to proceed towards building a solid and future-ready data management platform & organization with lower TCO, well-defined processes & a skilled team in line with compliance and regulations.

Solution overview

  • Complete end to end data landscape assessment, data migration, and BI support 
  • Migrated data consisted of data related to new business, renewal submissions, policies, policy endorsements, cancellations, and all financial transactions. 
  • The integrated governance model for business agility and increased efficiency


  • Optimal Target Operating Model & offshoring for optimized services and increased stability 
  • Right skill and processed management plan for effective control and reduced time to market
  • Reduction in submission processing timelines
  • Prioritized work queues helped underwriters focus on high-value customers
  • Simplified UX, improved underwriter productivity
  • Improved business agility with delegated business rules


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