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Increased engagement & Conversion through in-depth Path Analysis

Client's Problem Statement

The client is one of the most significant players in the telecom industry. The client is experiencing poor customer interaction, a high bounce rate, and a disconnected user path, all of which contribute to a low version of the site and less engagement overall.

Our Solution

The team at Coforge Digital Marketing assisted in identifying usability concerns, ensuring that the content remains relevant, and consumer profiling based on their interactions with the website.


  • Analyze drop-off spots for additional research
  • Analyze user satisfaction with internal search
  • Identify the most popular sections of the page
  • Connecting visitor intent to the most read articles and
  • Analyzing popularity across devices

Coforge Digital Marketing Services Snapshot

Digital Marketing Consulting

Assess, establish, and translate corporate objectives into quantifiable KPIs.

Intelligent Dashboards and Insights


DigiSuite - Custom dashboards and Next-Best-Action reports from industry experts


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