Helping leading airline service provider to reduce testing cost with innovative automation solutions



Leading airline service provider in Europe.

Problem Statement

The customer had stated below objectives for the transformation of testing:

  • Reduce testing cost.
  • Improve time to market.
  • Infuse flexibility.
  • Bring innovative solutions for test automation.

Solution Proposed

For the customer, Coforge is providing basic, niche & specialized testing services using its technical expertise in various testing types, industry leading testing tools & technologies.

  • We have implemented a unique transaction-based engagement model for delivering the functional, non-functional and automation testing services. The transactions are defined as any test case creation or test case execution for the project.
  • To achieve consistently high quality, we have adopted customer-centric testing approach by deploying domain SMEs for exploratory testing.
  • To drive speed by accelerating the testing lifecycle and reducing cost, we have implemented functional automation and optimization solutions.
  • To align to their product life cycle and customer business needs, we use following methodologies:

Multiple shift left testing and shift right testing activities are delivered in different phases of development journey, as depicted in diagram below.


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