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Coforge has 18+ years of relationship with the largest eCommerce platform, enabling co-creation of values. In 2002, Coforge started its journey with the client as a development partner for its PSS products. Over the years, the relationship flourished. Currently, Coforge is part of the Preferred Development Program (PDP) and engages with the eCommerce platform’s senior management in various offload and cloud workshops.

About the client

The client is the largest GDS product & services provider for America.

Business Challenge

Coforge was responsible for the development, maintenance, testing, and support of core reservations applications hosted on the PSS system. These PSS applications handle large volumes of data and service a wide range of business and consumer-facing applications. Coforge was to provide support for application development, implementation, and integration services for:

  • PNR
  • Ticketing
  • Schedule change
  • TTY messages
  • Pricing
  • SSR/Crew management
  • EMD/Ancillary
  • Loyalty program

Our Solution

1) PNR

As part of the GDS Passenger Name Record Project, Coforge primarily engages in application development and maintenance, including testing, integration, support (operations and maintenance services), and application offload to the new platform for Core Reservations applications hosted on GDS providers’ PSS system. For this feature, Coforge offered the following:

  • End-to-end design, development, and deployment of the application
  • End-to-end application migration and QA automation
  • Performing various levels of testing that included integration, regression, and parallel comparisons
  • Supporting and maintaining the PNR application, including existing applications and enhancement
  • Offloading legacy applications to open-source technology
  • Providing 24*7 application development support
  • Providing quality-driven, cost-effective, and timely solutions to the customer’s requirement for PNR application development
  • Helping the client to keep the PNR application relevant and competitive in the market by providing the various enhancement
  • Helping the client to achieve their technological advancement
  • Providing support services to ensure the stable system is up and running
  • Ensuring SLAs are met by GDS product and service provider for the end-user

2) Schedule change

Coforge has a long association with the GDS provider’s Schedule Change application. Since 2009, Coforge has been involved in different aspects of TPF development, such as enhancements, maintenance, testing, and on-call support. Additionally, Coforge also:

Supported the mainframe PSS system in on-call and maintenance activities

Developed 12 microservices as a part of MFOL offload initiative

Scheduled change projects for:

  • Re - Accommodation Manager
  • AA PROS Enhancements
  • MFOL

3)TTY Offload

Coforge team had worked on the POC for Teletype Message simulation offload to create an open-system based service that would help structure TTY and transmit the same using the new GDS provider TMG gateway. As part of this POC, the following components were developed:

  • TTY GUI, created using Python
  • Integration of GUI with TMSG application
  • Developed the TMSG application in JAVA.
  • Message Logging using Elastic Log.
  • Messages stats using Kibana.
  • Worked on setting up the TTY VM

4) EMD/Ancillary

For this module, Coforge was responsible for:

  • Processing data received for ancillaries purchased by the guest in the PNL messages from the carrier outside the GDS provider to build and add ancillaries in the PNR
  • Processing the reference number received in the remarks in the PNL message from the GDS provider-hosted carriers to build and add ancillaries in the PNR
  • Allowing the GDS provider-hosted carriers to switch on or off the functionality for each partner carrier
  • Providing third party ground handling carriers to view the ancillaries purchased by the guest in the PNR
  • Adhering to the 3PGH (ground handling) standards
  • Ensuring a smooth check-in process via third party ground handling

Delevering more Value

Coforge completed the project successfully; the new features have played an integral role in improving operations and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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