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Empowering Financial Advisors: Creating an Omni-Channel Advisor Assistant for a Leading Asset & Wealth Management

Customer Context

A leading Asset & Wealth Management firm faced challenges in delivering personalized and timely insights to clients. The increasing complexity of financial markets and disjointed data sources added to the difficulties, making it challenging for financial advisors to stay ahead of the competition.

Key Business Challenges

  • Delivering personalized and timely insights to clients.
  • Handling increasing complexity in financial markets.
  • Dealing with disjointed data sources and client needs.

Coforge Solution

Coforge developed an innovative omni-channel bot solution for financial advisors, leveraging a proprietary bot framework. The assistant enabled seamless interaction between advisors and clients, facilitating communication using natural language. The framework efficiently handled natural language processing, information retrieval, and curation, while accessing data from multiple sources, including CRM, email, calendars, accounting systems, and trading platforms.


  1. Accelerated Time-to-Market by approximately 50%, enabling the firm to deploy the solution in just 2 months compared to the estimated 4 months it would have taken if built from scratch.
  2. Experienced a 20% increase in efficiency in goal planning, client onboarding, servicing, and collaboration with stakeholders. This efficiency improvement led to advisors being able to handle a larger client portfolio and provide more personalized attention to each client.
  3. Provided an intuitive customer experience, allowing investors to access information and tips using natural language processing.
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