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Documentum integration framework for Line of Business (LOB) Applications


  • A public sector customer desires to minimize the presence of Documentum UI and utilize their existing Documentum investments in their other business applications.
  • Storing documents in Documentum repository from all business applications ensure the data and standards and compliance requirements regarding storing data is performed consistently, reducing the risk of errors and inefficiencies.
  • Allowing users to use their LOB to perform document operations without logging into Documentum provides a more streamlined user experience, making it easier for employees to perform their tasks and access the information they need.
  • Documentum as headless repository allows users from all the other LOBs (CRM, ERP, HRM, SCM, Procurement. Inventory, etc) to store their documents for better data sharing and internal department collaboration.

Core Value Proposition

DocuForX provides a reusable framework for businesses who is interested to connect to Documentum from their source applications and perform document operations and meet industry compliance and security.


  • Save businesses money, as they only need to invest in one UI solution rather than multiple UIs.
  • Unified view of data, enabling businesses to generate accurate and comprehensive reports from Documentum repository.
  • Document storage in Documentum means the LOB applications can spend more time on business features in their source applications and leave the information compliance to Documentum.

Key features

  • Coforge’s inhouse solution accelerator for the external application integrations with Documentum.
  • Custom widget development option using DocuForX framework expands opportunities for customers to integrate any application with Documentum.
  • Customers can perform additional Documentum operations (Like, annotations, redactions, search etc) from source applications via widgets developed using DocuForX.
  • SAML or OAuth SSO via Azure AD, PING etc with Documentum from source applications.
  • Documentum ACL security in the LOB applications.
  • The framework built using REACT JavaScript libraries backed up by Strong Community of React Developers including fortune 500 companies.
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