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Digital Makeover: Powering Public Sector Efficiency

Digital Makeover: Powering Public Sector Efficienc

Reduction in Processing Time
Approvals Improvement
CSAT Improvement

Challenge: Out with the Old

Faced with outdated, paper-based systems, disjointed tools, and slow permit processes, our client needed a change. These old ways were inefficient, causing delays and frustration.

Coforge Solution: The Game Changer

Coforge’s innovative Appian application: a digital tool designed for government, landowners, and businesses. This solution automates permits, integrates systems, and ensures consistency. It brings transparency, speeds up approvals, and improves collaboration.

Results: Fast, Efficient and Effective

  • Speed: Approval times slashed from months to weeks a 75% improvement.
  • Smart Notifications: Customers stay informed automatically.
  • Focus on What Matters: Staff now tackle complex tasks, thanks to smart rules.

Key Highlights: Big Wins

  • Faster Approvals: From 2-3 months to 2-3 weeks
  • Informed Customers: Through auto-notifications
  • Empowered Staff: Focused on complex, technical work.
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