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Delivered Integration Services Through Factory Based Model Leading To 40% Reduction in Overall Cost


The client, a US based gaming and hospitality company was looking to enable enterprise integration across applications. They approached Coforge with the main aim of building custom code across systems and increasing COTS in each of their products. Coforge was able to recommend appropriate solutions and improve the client’s systems to achieve the desired goals.

About the Client

The client is a U.S. based gaming and hospitality company and was looking to enable enterprise integration across applications. They had presence in four business areas viz. hospitality, gaming, retail and marketing. They operated over fifty properties and seven golf courses under several brands. In 2013, they were the fourth-largest gaming company in the world, with an annual revenue of approximately $8.6 billion.

Business Challenge

Legacy systems with point-to-point integrations made it increasingly difficult for this gaming and entertainment leader to provide personalized customer experiences and innovate with agility. The client needed all data in their multi-cloud environment to be shared equally among all systems. The near future roadmap of the client was to connect more IoT devices across the business and increase digital connectivity. The objective of the project was to enhance digital experience by building effective APIs in Mulesoft.

The client also realized that they had to focus on their core business for profitability and long-term survival.

They decided to engage Coforge to enable policy enforcement and enhancement, for fast, easy and seamless integration APIs and simplified and fast onboarding for partners.

Our Solution

Coforge recommended an integration factory approach embedding the client’s integration approach. This solution involved setting up a flexible team with a capacity for development and support. The Flexible capacity model that is optimally leveraged for application development and support was based on needs across client integration needs.

Using MuleSoft Cloud Integration and TIBCO Cloud Mashery software, the client was able to manage its hybrid environment with API-led integration for speed and re-use and offer a completely reinvented customer experience.

Delivering More Value

Using cloud-based API-led integration capabilities of TIBCO Cloud Integration and TIBCO Cloud Mashery software, the client’s customer engagement model empowered team members to deliver world-class experience across all digital and physical channels. Data being shared by all systems created a unified customer profile for advanced offer matchmaking and personalization. The technology delivered a fully connected guest experience delivering real-time offers, faster check-ins, casino experience tracking, personalized sports and casino leaderboards, e-sports and sports betting.

In the words of the client’s CIO, “Customer personalization, with all the customer’s experiences connected, differentiates us. This is the power of integration, and TIBCO has been a foundational part of making this massive effort a success”.

Having the client’s systems exposed as APIs allowed the business to respond quickly, try new things, and change those that didn’t work. By engaging with Coforge, the client could focus on its core competencies and maintain its leadership position in a highly competitive industry. In addition to technology and digital support, Coforge improved the client’s operational efficiencies and digital experiences. The client was empowered to provide standardized and consistent business services across their business. Coforge also assisted by providing oAuth 2.0 support and reusable solutions for use by both internal and external teams. A centralized glossary that identified and defined data in the same way, monetized API usage and a self-service oriented adoption were other positive outcomes of this project.

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