A configurable "software-as-a-service" platform: Operationalizing Block-chain for a Career Verification Platform

About the Client

The client is an online personal verification platform founded in 2016. It verifies identities, background checks (e.g., criminal record history), and career history (resumes) for job seekers providing organizations quick access to this pre-verified information underpinned by Blockchain technology. The platform provides customers with a configurable “software-as-a-service” platform that automates the pre-employment checking processes, reducing the time for background checks from weeks to minutes. 

Business Challenges

The process of verifying the credentials of a candidate was a tedious task and took months’ time till the process was completed.  Another key challenge was to maintain privacy and transparency of information between user and organization, since it is essential to build trust between the peers. 

Our Solution

Coforge has developed a platform for the client to enhance the personal verification and pre-employment screening capabilities and services. The client is using Ethereum as a Blockchain protocol. The Smart Contract enables the verification process to occur programmatically, on the Blockchain, between a member and a verifying organization. Coforge runs the Smart contract in Blockchain at each point of interaction between the users and organization for future verification. It uses ganache as a personal Blockchain for rapid Ethereum based distributed application development, enabling us to develop, deploy, and test our Apps in a safe and deterministic environment. We have used the Web3.js library to interact with the Ethereum node using HTTP.

    Delivering More Value 

    Blockchain has brought a wide range of benefits related to cost, efficiency, empowerment, and transparency, hence initiating an extensive range of new educational models.
    The key objective of our engagement is to help the client to meet the following business objectives: -

    • Simplify the recruitment process
    • Reduce the costs of candidates claim and assertions 
    • Transaction record Keeping – Immutability of data
    • Building a verified career profile
    • Digitization of assets record keeping
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