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Daily banking activities get a shot in the arm with a unified automated process delivered by Coforge

The Client

The client is one of the leading banking groups in United Kingdom dealing in retail and commercial line of businesses. The client was formerly under the Australia-based banking group, NAGE, and was later demerged as CYBG (Clydesdale and Yorkshire banking group).

Business Challenge

Below are a few key challenges faced by the client:

  • The customer was using manual process for customer onboarding process which was not scalable and flexible.
  • Customer dissatisfaction and loss of business
  • Various third-party systems were involved in the present business process.
  • The client aimed to maintain customer experience, user friendliness and confidence
  • They also wanted to reduce the risk to customers and banks in the online process


Coforge Solution

  • Coforge delivered a unified automated process and an orchestration system that allowed customers and banking professionals to use the banking processes more efficiently.
  • Our applications were aimed at improving overall customers banking experience by automating day-to-day banking process and to provide an opportunity for customer onboarding and to operate all the banking activities (Digital Growth) using mobile or any other internet connected device at ease
  • The solution followed an objective to create a reusable framework (via API enablement) which could be eventually extended to various other business units and transformed into a corporate solution.



  • Less than 0.4 percentage errors
  • 7500 applications processed (5500 online and 2000 non-web channel cases) in complete real time from Pega
  • Enablement of digital signature functionality
  • Pega application now interacts with 8-10 systems via 5 unique integration points.
  • Omni channel process
  • Better visibility on the processes and handling
  • Improvement in employees' productivity and customer satisfaction.
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