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Creating a Superior, Customer-centric, Digital Banking Experience for a Global Bank

Creating a Superior, Customer-centric, Digital Banking Experience for a Global Bank

Business Challenge

Our client faced a potential bottleneck with their retail banking website and mobile app, developed using legacy middleware applications. The complex nature of monolithic apps resulted in delayed time-to-market. Recognizing this, an opportunity was identified for the enhancement and expansion of their digital customer experience.

Coforge Solution

In a strategic partnership with our client, Coforge embarked on a mission to rejuvenate their digital channels. A multidisciplinary team was assembled, pooling together expertise from various fields to modernize the existing systems into a user-friendly platform. By incorporating robust security features and adopting a phased approach in collaboration with the bank, a successful customer-centric transformation of our banking client's digital banking experience was achieved.


In a strategic alliance with the bank, Coforge assembled a multidisciplinary team of UX/UI specialists, domain experts, project managers, and application developers to overhaul their retail website and mobile app. Their goal was to transform antiquated systems into an intuitive, user-friendly platform.

To bolster customer confidence and stimulate the use of online and mobile banking, comprehensive security measures like multi-factor authentication and session retention were integrated into the system.

Our banking client embraced a structured, phased approach - Discovery, Build, Release - for this transformation. This involved engaging dialogues with Product Owners to map out user journeys and compile user stories. Such a methodical approach ensured that the revamp was not just technically successful, but also centered on creating a superior customer-centric digital banking experience.

Key Highlights

  • Successful transformation from a legacy website and app to an intuitive, user-friendly digital platform.
  • A remarkable 35% increase in app/website usage, demonstrating the success of the transformation efforts.
  • A significant reduction in branch walk-ins by 20% and online agent interactions by 25%, highlighting efficiency of the new digital platform.
  • High customer satisfaction rating (4.5/5) and a substantial increase in digital users, further affirming the positive impact of the transformation.
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