Cloud modernization of Teradata DWH for a leading hospitality chain in US

Problem Statement

  • The client was looking for a Cloud-First Strategy on Azure to support advanced analytics business needs 
  • 20+ years old Teradata DWH, 100+ databases, ~ 6500 Tables, 100,000+ ETL Scripts
  • Vision to reduce technical debt and consolidate tools/technologies

Solution Overview

  • End to End Reference Architecture for ADLS and SQL DWH based Data Warehouse on Cloud Platform
  • In-built accelerator for Ingestion, Schema migration & transforming SQL queries in Teradata to SQL DWH queries
  • ADF & Databricks used as Ingestion and Spark-based ETL framework 
  • Existing Report continue to work using Datometry
  • Databricks used for transformation & data cleansing


  • Automation Framework is expected to save 30% in cost and 25% reduction in timeline
  • The solution enables the customer to retire legacy DWH and scripts and un-used objects. 
  • Client saving millions of dollars in license costs
  • The solution helps the client build a single enterprise DWH


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