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Automation led Workplace Service for the UK’s Care & Research Charity for People


The client was looking to reduce the costs while delivering a streamlined, interactive service experience. To accomplish this, the client wanted to implement an agile, next-generation workplace environment, with minimal business disruption. Coforge has delivered a future-proofed, innovative, and intelligent workplace, by using advanced workplace technologies to transform their employees’ digital experience.

About the Client

The client was the UK’s Care & Research Charity for People.

Business Challenge

The three charities were sharing a common infrastructure. During any event, all three charities users would be impacted. The client was heavily dependent on IT in terms of fund-raising events, volunteering databases, and providing quality service to its endusers / beneficiaries. With the legacy IT infrastructure, the client began to face critical issues such as:

  • End of life end-user devices
  • No latest communication and collaboration tools
  • Poor user experience
  • Inability to leverage newer platforms and technologies
  • No consumption-based delivery of IT services
  • Besides, the client was also struggling with the poor IT perception amongst business stakeholders:
  • IT support desk was witnessing a large number of repetitive issues in the EUC environment.
  • IT support was exhausting its capacity in doing mundane jobs. A significant number of incidents were resolved by referring to SOPs, which show high potential for automation and improve user experience & productivity.
  • Lack of self-service option for end-users empowerment
  • The high cost of service operations

Our Solution

In partnership with the client, Coforge applied its unique Digital Workplace strategy encompasses businessaligned agile services along with a suite of intelligent tools and support services, embedding automation, and self -services to optimize efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness.

  • Highly agile and flexible delivery structure to address the business dynamicity and to meet the oscillating demands
  • Applied our Anyplace Workplace strategy and brought a digitalization layer that uses the power of AI, Analytics, and Cognitive Intelligence to modernize the workplace environment and introduced:
    • Self-heals and auto-remediate the repetitive tasks
    • Empowered end-users with one-click solutions (VPN issues, PC Hang, Slow Performance issues, Software Crashes, etc.)
    • Patch compliance engine for roaming users to work beyond the corporate boundaries and to ensure the workplace estate remain secure and compliant
  • Leveraged its MoDeL modern device life cycle management to enable software distribution over the Internet for roaming and BYOD devices
  • Centralized automated CMDB population
  • Persona Based Services by bucketing homogeneous users
  • Coforge Embrace; to increase the adoption of endusers
  • Dedicated focus to drive user experience with Experience Management Office
  • Revised SLAs which meets the user’s expectations and business demands
  • Built-in BCP and agents can work from home (subject to regulatory approval) to continue to deliver services

Delivering More Value

  • Approx. 15% increase in device management compliance adherence
  • >3% proactive resolution enabled by Xynalitics – Coforge End-Point Analytics
  • Consistently maintaining high-level of end-user satisfaction
  • Lowered MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve) of end-user incidents which directly translated into business productivity
  • Less ‘Wait Time’ in the service desk queue
  • Increased resolution accuracy and first-time errorfree resolutions
  • Reduced ‘Average Handle Time’ resulting in increased productivity of end-users
  • Self-services enabled the workplace to accelerate service speed and efficiency
  • Fewer incidents at Service Desk
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