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Application Modernization for a leading staffing company in Europe

Business Challenge

  • The company took a business decision to move to Azure as an Infra partner
  • The application was old-fashioned, less flexible, and had no framework
  • Lots of Manual effort in the current deployment process

Coforge Solution

  • Creating a high-level migration plan and futuristic architecture diagram for Azure.
  • Helping the scrum team in creating the sprint backlog per the project roadmap
  • Provision of the Azure Infrastructure environments for Dev, QA, etc.
  • Training and guiding the team of developers to start development on Azure
  • Creating CI/CD DevOps pipelines using Azure DevOps
  • Modernize the application by creating PAAS-based microservice components, using the Azure chatbot framework, etc.
  • Helping team in the re-architecting database while moving on to Azure

Benefits to Client:

  • Best practices were followed for the Azure-based solution
  • Time and effort saving, with DevOps implementation builds, are auto deployed and tested.
  • Modernized application with flexible, scalable, and secure architecture.
  • Cost saving, as customer, need not hire a permanent Azure migration resource. And existing developers were able to learn and start the development on Azure.
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