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API-led transformation

The Client

TLC Relationship Management (P) Ltd (TLC) is a tech product and services company providing end to end digital solutions for customer acquisition, activation, engagement, retention and loyalty predominantly within the travel and hospitality space.

Set up 20 years ago, the company is present across India with growing operations in Middle East and Africa.

End-to-end digital experiences

TLC wanted to create an end-to-end digital experience solution enabling hospitality companies to boost customer affinity and generate new revenue streams through innovative acquisition and engagement programs. However, the company’s legacy systems and processes needed a rehaul to allow it to achieve this vision.

TLC decided to modernize its infrastructure, enhance its Information Security, and invest in creating IP through digital platforms and tools including Salesforce, Adobe and MuleSoft.

With these new capabilities, they aimed to create a highly customizable digital experience solution with intuitive web and mobile interface and a host of self-service features. Hospitality clients would be able to leverage TLC’s solution to offer to their customers personalized offerings, enhancing their engagement with their brand.

API-led transformation

TLC selected Coforge to help them create an agile and scalable environment, seamlessly integrating its numerous new and existing data sources, internal and external, and automating many resource-intensive processes.

Coforge proposed MuleSoft’s CloudHub, a global, fully managed, multi-tenanted, secure, and highly available platform for APIs and integrations. Working with TLC, Coforge implemented CloudHub and seamlessly connected TLC’s digital platforms and on-premise systems, whilst optimizing and automating many manual processes.

Faster acquisition of new customers

One of the key transformations introduced with the help of Coforge and CloudHub, was around TLC’s new customer acquisition.

Connecting the mobile and web applications with Salesforce CRM and other key back-end systems, Coforge was able to automate a big part of the new customer acquisition process, ensuring the different touchpoints (call center, website, marketing automation tool, payment gateways, POS terminals etc) were updated in real time and worked in sync to reduce the steps required for the customer to sign up, offering a seamless experience from start to finish.

Accelerated innovation thanks to reuse

MuleSoft APIs serve as the backbone for TLC’s digital experience solution enabling a set of rich capabilities and features to be delivered via the web and mobile application.

Coforge developed these APIs with embedded reusability and governance. This means that across each successive project, TLC are able to reuse APIs from existing projects, accelerating the speed at which they can deliver new innovations in support of the business initiatives.

For example, APIs built for the mobile application can be exposed to capture customer information and bookings from other channels, like website, market aggregators, resellers etc.


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