Finance & Accounting

Our finance & accounting services combine deep domain expertise with intelligent analytics to achieve:

20% improvement in cycle time

Streamlined and simplified operations reducing turn times

40% lower cost of ownership

Reduce operational costs with global delivery model

10% improvement in productivity

Optimizing processes through automation - RPA

Drive operational excellence in your finance & accounting operations.

Our Services:


Business impact delivered

Delivered 30% FTE optimization in procurement after transitioning work to Coforge BPS

  • 7% cost reduction achieved in the first year
  • 30% FTE optimization
  • 100% SLA conformance (Accuracy & TAT) from day 1

80% reduction in response time for Account Payable queries

  • 80% reduction in query response time
  • Reduced onshore dependency by 30%


In addition to Finance & Accounting, our services includes: