Rural Development projects

Climate Change Mitigation & Agricultural Support- With our implementation partner, Jnan Prabodhini, we support projects at Pasali valley near Pune in the area of climate change prevention and mitigation, agriculture development, compost kit installation, promoting renewable energy, tree plantation, green jobs, livelihood generation

Coforge extends support to Fluorosis affected areas in Karnataka, with our partner BAIF. Our endeavor was to promote commercial vegetable cultivation by improving crop productivity, Crop diversification. These initiatives along with livestock breeding helped in increasing/ doubling farmers' income 

We also work for women empowerment with Swayansidhha, by building their capacity through various initiatives like sustainable farming, vermicomposting, kitchen garden, exposure visits, introducing advanced training and support for poultry, Goat Rearing, Backyard Poultry, etc. at villages in Kolhapur

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