CRM: an untapped potential for Financial Services



Digital transformation, if done “right”, should affect every area of an organisation. And, for many businesses across industries, digital transformation starts with something as simple but powerful as implementing a CRM.

But few industries are as contradictory as financial services. On the one hand, financial services companies have the resources and a capable, smart workforce to implement and harness a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. They certainly have more than enough clunky, time-consuming, and granular manual entry and reporting tasks to warrant the switch.

Yet, companies within the financial services industry can simultaneously feel like they’re bogged down with far too much red-tape to spend time “transforming.” In other words, it’s not about teaching or not teaching an old dog new tricks. It’s about stopping the momentum on a moving train enough to get it to take a new direction.

In this paper we discuss the untapped potential of CRM as a digital transformation driver for Financial Services and the advantage of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.