Mule 4 Accelerator

Migrate to Mule 4 faster, with less cost and no risk | In partnership with MuleSoft

Our Mule 4 Migration accelerator brings up to 90% migration automation


    • Is your Mule version reaching end of support or end of life?
    • Do you want to make significant updates to your existing applications?
    • Have you decided to upgrade all your apps to Mule 4 so that they are on one version?
    • Do you want to take advantage of key Mule 4 capabilities?
    Mule 4 Accelerator
  • MULE EoS-EoL

    With Mule 3.8 reaching End of Life in November 2021, it’s time to start thinking about migrating to Mule 4.

    If you are on an older version, you are probably missing out on many of the new features introduced with Mule 4.3, but more importantly you may be facing significant impediments if your version has either reached or is close to reaching End Of Support or End of Life.

    We can help you migrate to Mule 4 faster, at a fixed price and will less effort, cost and risk!

    MuleSoft Expertise


WHISHWORKS’ Mule 4 Migration tool, underpinned with a complete migration methodology, has been approved by MuleSoft and can automate the migration process up to 90%.

Our consultants will assess your current implementation and provide you, free of charge, a complete report detailing the effort required to migrate to Mule 4 as well as a fixed price commitment should you choose to partner with us.

  • Expert services

    • Discover and detailed assessment of migration
    • Forecast migration budget
    • Prepare migration plan
    • Migration implementation
    • Support till go live set up
    • Mule 4 environment setup
  • Automation tools

    • Source code analysis tool
    • Anypoint platform analysis tool
    • Extensive assessment checklist
    • MUnit generator for additional MUnits
    • WHISHWORKS Mule 4 migration tool
      • Can automate up to 90% of migration
      • Covers extensive list of 70+ highly used components/connectors

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Time to migrate to Mule 4?

Mule 4 comes with a host of new features that reduce complexity and speed up application delivery. If you are not certain whether it’s time to migrate to Mule 4 from your previous version, our Mule 4 Migration Accelerator brochure might be a good starting point.

Why Coforge – Salesforce Business Unit

  • Support

    Mule 4 Experience

    We have worked extensively on Mule 4, from providing feedback on the beta version and migrating our connectors, to completing our first Mule 4 projects.

  • Proven migration process

    We provide a proven migration process based on years of successful implementations and data integrations.

  • Automation tools

    Our Mule 4 migration tools can automate up to 90% of the migration dependant on your current version and environment.

  • Certified Capabilities

    Our consultants hold more than 500 MuleSoft certifications, (the largest pool of certified resources in Europe) including Mule 4 certifications.

8x MuleSoft partner award winners