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Contactless travel experience at airports and hotels

Coforge is Rebuilding Customer Confidence and de-risking chances of infection at airport while using shared check-in kiosks. Same concept applies to Hotel Check-in too. To design and build accessible, seamless, fluid, fast, convenient, and easy-to-integrate user experiences, we leverage AWS as agile and accessible partner.

Industry efforts are in line with adapting to Post COVID world where traditional airport desks and kiosks pose a contamination risk for passengers. TTH Industry has been facing low levels of mobile check-in (specially for long-haul) where most passengers prefer agent driven bag drop desk. The "new normal" calls for Contactless Customer Interaction with:

Increased levels of Airport Automation for minimal customer interactivity Mass adoption of customer mobile technology Social distancing through technology layout

Our project focuses on providing contact-less check-in and bag tag printing using the same kiosk infrastructure, thereby significantly reducing risk of contamination, and thereby improving customer confidence and experience by use of innovative technology, and almost negligible capex

Utilization of a modular approach, enabled by the microservices architecture, results in unparalleled success for clients with reduced passenger check-in times, increased self-service availability and resiliency, savings in IT hardware and software operating costs, and improved time to market.

What it does

The solution involves gesture enabling on existing kiosk, allowing passengers to check-in without need for touching the airport kiosk screen. System uses existing DCS Check-in APIs and can push boarding passes to passenger mobile devices using Amazon SNS.

The solution also offers easy contact-less bag tag printing for mobile checked-in passengers.

How we built it

Solution is built using intelligent Machine Learning algorithms which capture passenger commands using gestures for check-in, bag tag printing.

 Challenges we ran into

Any new idea has its share of initial hurdles, and we faced several issues around position of the user in front of the kiosk, distance from kiosk, ambient lighting, unforeseen delays on part of user, etc. We have been able to factor most of these in our ML algorithm, which we will continue to refine based on actual user inputs.

 Accomplishments that we are proud of

We have been able to successfully test the bag tag printing with virtualized DCS APIs and that too in very limited time.

 What we learned

A committed team can achieve almost anything. Our solution is a first step in enabling the "new normal" and a sure step in re-building customer confidence in post #COVID world

What's next for Contactless travel experience at airports and hotels

We plan to include automated health screening by introducing real-time temperature check, breathing rate check to compliment the health checks at airports. We also plan to add integration with Digital Wallets (Paypal, Apple Pay, etc.) allowing customers to pay for bags and other ancillaries in a contactless fashion. During API integration, maintaining the code is made possible by AWS Lambda allowing smooth logic run during heavy traffic.

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