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In the new normal, how does Coforge make new employees feel welcome?

When joining a new company, one is bound to feel nervous and at the same time excited about the new beginning that is in store for them. New joiners, be it fresher or experienced, can never forget their first day at work. Some may worry about feeling out of place, some may feel intimidated, but as soon as they are introduced to other members of Coforge family, something changes. They are welcomed openly. Warm smiles calm their nerves and make them realize that just like them, their colleagues too would be going through a roller-costar of similar emotions – and slowly and steadily familiarity with the organization sets in.Coforge_Image_V1
Since the beginning of the global pandemic in 2020, Coforge has had to adapt to the new normal while recruiting. Despite the challenges, our goal remained to make our new recruits feel included and give them a platform to work remotely. In this past one year, we have on-boarded over 3500 employees in three countries. We did this by:

  • Modifying our training classrooms to a virtual forum. This helped us reach a wider employee base for training.
  • Optimizing the quality of operations with new employees - an essential training course, ‘Enabling Remote Teams’ was introduced. This helped them work in a remote environment efficiently.
  • Conducting regular follow-up and video calls, where the new recruits were introduced to the workplace etiquettes and management policies.
A new employee at Coforge is given the opportunity to surpass their potential and enjoy work. Every new workday with us comes with a new set of adventures, and new learnings. One may learn a new skill while attempting a challenging task or might get fresh perspectives while interacting with new people. No two days are the same at Coforge. Be it in office or virtually, we believe that employees need a healthy work-life balance to reach their full potential. Employee wellness and mental health have been our priority. Right from their first week of joining, we ensure that they participate in all employee engagement activities that are planned to enhance every employee’s professional and personal growth. A calendar of activities such as workshops, seminars, webinars, cultural events, sporting tournaments, buddy programs, special days, festivals, etc. is shared with the team beforehand to ensure maximum participation from our employees. When we switched to working virtually, we continued hosting employee engagement initiatives. However as a protective measure, we also formed a COVID-19 Core Committee which ensures that employees are up to date with the organization’s operations. We continued to offer assistance for the emotional wellbeing of our employees and connect with them daily through virtual communication such as Coforge Team Connect and HR Buzz. SLK_to_Coforge _ 2
To foster employee morale and motivation in these difficult times, Coforge continues supporting our new joiners with timely salaries, and with incentives when they perform exceptionally well. At Coforge, employees feel welcomed, valued, and motivated to succeed. We have successfully carried out this process during the remote working phase and are confident that the Coforge welcome is highly adaptable to any environment!
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