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Web3 Implementation


The technical team contributes to the development of the blockchain product by conceptualising the UI/UX for the front-end, mobile application and back-end implementation. Team helps to identify, explore all the existing integration points and build the solution around it. The complete technology stack is identified. The analysis of non-functional features is performed as well.

Development Process

  • Consolidate, prioritize and build a multi-phase transformational road map
  • Identify all the stakeholders, their governance model and deployment strategy
  • Define the complete architecture with the identified suitable blockchain protocol
  • Identify, design & develop business logics on the smart contracts
  • Identify & design all the high value data points which need to be stored in blockchain
  • Identify & design all the data points which are to be stored off-chain to ensure better performance and throughput
  • Identify & implement various testing strategies
  • Identify & implement go to market strategy

Supported Blockchain Platforms

Test Data Insights

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