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In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, enterprises must adapt to stay competitive. Modern cloud-native application development has emerged as a game-changer, enabling organizations to harness the power of the cloud and build innovative, scalable, and resilient applications. By embracing cloud-native principles, enterprises can unlock new levels of agility, efficiency, and scalability while delivering exceptional user experiences.

Our product engineering led development approach adopts principles of modern cloud-native application development bundled with the right mix of cloud native technologies to drive success for your enterprise. Coforge has alliances with leading hyperscalers viz. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

We work as partners with our clients to provide services in creating innovative applications leveraging cloud native ecosystem to develop public, private hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. The offerings are backed up by our in-house accelerators, proven blueprints encapsulating relevant best practices.

Our approach to development of cloud-native architecture is based on the following core pillars:

Resiliency, Availability and Scalability – implementing patterns and practices to build resilient, scalable and highly available apps.

Microservices – building composable business applications using smaller, lightweight services that can be composed and connected via APIs.

Containers and Orchestration – for delivering workload portability by supporting “build once, run anywhere” code, making development and deployment significantly easier. Container orchestration for providing necessary oversight and control of where and how containers run, repair any failures, and balance load between containers.

DevSecOps – to automate build, test, and deployment of applications and underlying infrastructure changes without the need to schedule downtime or wait for a maintenance window through Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD).

Our customers include global banks, marquee central banks, travel, airlines, customs, insurance providers, government agencies, fintech companies, cards and payment providers, and global investment managers.  We are helping them modernize their core and reimagine their processes, enabling them to develop new product strategies, to adopt the cloud, leverage data and insights and analytics to create personalized experiences for their customers.

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