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Digital marketing boost website exposure and promotion to help websites target their audience, increase traffic, generate leads and sales, and more. Coforge inspires to give personalized offerings that vary according on the business's objectives and requirements.

Coforge's digital marketing services include a variety of tactics and services geared at boosting and expanding a company's online presence. These services include Digital Marketing Consulting, Data Visualization and Insights-based services, Content Personalization, SEO, Analytics tool implementation, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and more.

Some of the key digital marketing offerings provided by Coforge are –  

1. Digital Marketing Consulting

Assess, establish, and translate corporate objectives into quantifiable KPIs.

Coforge's Digital Marketing Consulting approach includes auditing the client's digital marketing infrastructure—tools, technologies, analytics, KPI framework, channels, digital assets, SEO, social media, etc. It also offers competition assessments, industry benchmarking, and dashboard development goals. This service yields –

  • Assess opportunities and gaps
  • Assess client digital maturity in tools, technology, analytics, channels, digital assets, SEO, social media, etc.
  • In-depth competition research and industry benchmarking. - 
  • Different KPI frameworks.

2. Analytics Tools Implementation

Debugging and deploying Google Analytics

We provide an end-to-end Google Analytics debugging and implementation solution that provides on-time, high-quality tagging and implementation, KPIs, Goals, Funnels, dashboard design, and report automation for multiple stakeholders. This service includes –

  • Discovery - Platform evaluation, KPIs and Metrics measurement framework
  • Design – Code design, Implementation, accounts, custom events, tracking
  • Deployment – Goals, Funnels configuration, Code Implementation
  • Testing and Data Visualization– Testing, validation, custom dashboards and Report Automation

3. Intelligent Dashboards and Insights (Build-Integrate-Measure-Perform)

DigiSuite - Custom dashboards and Next-Best-Action reports from industry experts

DigiSuite, an all-in-one reporting, visualisation, and insights platform, provides strong insights via customizable dashboards and periodic reports to improve conversion metrics, optimise marketing expenditures, and unearth hidden insights to boost confidence in your next-best-action. This service includes –

  • Defining KPI Measurement blueprint for varied stakeholders
  • Integrate multi-channel data.
  • Intuitive custom dashboards for varied stakeholders on MS Excel, Google DataStudio, PowerBI, Qlik Sense, etc.
  • Insights and Optimization on optimization
  • Discover hidden Insights and Recommendations

4. Personalization 

Real-time marketing automation and personalization

Coforge's Customer Data-led customization and real-time marketing automation system enhances customer experiences, improving conversions, retention, and growth for enterprises. We rapidly identify users across data sources and channels. AI engines can personalize user experiences across marketing channels and choreograph customer journeys at the correct moment. This service includes –

  • Seamless data ingestion and classification
  • Personalization and Marketing Automation
  • Custom Dashboards and periodic reports to varied stakeholders.
  • Customer 360 view combing both online and offline data
  • Campaign execution at the right time, to the right audience on the right channel, delivering improved conversion.
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