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Health Check - Integration Migration Readiness Assessor

Anticipate risks, cost, necessary processes & potential migration paths

The Health check Solution is a structured, in-depth analysis of the workload being migrated to Kong. It asks a series of detailed questions to prepare you for seamless migration. By following this self-guided checklist, you can ensure no important detail goes overlooked.


  • Contains master list of all possible APIM capabilities & features
  • Identification of in-scope items based on customer requirements
  • Clear demarcation of features that can be automated
  • Identification and mapping of existing policies with corresponding Kong plugins
  • Summary indicating migration complexity , effort & overall migration duration needed

Preparing For Migration Using Health Check


  • Know client’s business case & API needs
  • Understand features & capabilities that client uses & feed into the Health Check utility
  • Mark items that are in-scope for migration


  • Rate the complexity of each in-scope items between 1-3
  • Give score between 1-3 for level of automation achieved to accelerate migration
  • Adjust the value of ‘multiplier’ based on no of APIs, environments to be built


  • The utility will calculate the complexity score that helps customers immediately know about the level of migration required to move to newer platform
  • It also provides an indicative effort to understand the overall duration and cost of migration
  • Presents clear demarcation between easy to do tasks vs any risks/blockers that needs attention

Getting Started:

Schedule workshop for running Health Check to assess the migration readiness with required attendance from IT teams.

Facilitate discussions by using a Coforge-Kong aligned set of questions to guide the conversation.

Analyze the gathered information, document observations, and determine next steps.

Schedule and conduct a debrief.

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