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Digital Integration Factory

The increasing demand from customers to cut down costs and bring an effective governance that offers flexibility have resulted in adopting a factory model at Coforge for delivering API & integration solution. Customers are looking at leveraging more offshore resources as remote working have become a norm and there is an increased need for ‘just in time’ staffing.

Below are some of the features of the Integration factory model.

  • Flexible, Fungible Resource Pool

a)    Scrum masters, API Architects, API developers, Testers, Designers
b)    Demand based Rapid ramp up and down

  • Capacity based delivery model

a)    Cross functional & multi disciplinary team – Pods
b)    KPIs reporting – Producers, consumers of APIs, defect density

  • Service Delivery Governance

a)    API factory team
b)    Work Allocation ,Tracking, Management
c)    Enablers, knowledge management, best practices & design

DI-Factory model


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