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APIOps – API Lifecycle Automation Framework

Run unit tests, enforce policies, generate config and deploy configuration / specification

Solution Need

Most organizations running an API program have some form of an API platform team or a group of governors who review API designs and implementations before they’re deployed to make sure that everything follows standards. In the process of enforcing these standards they create trade-offs which results inefficiency & longer time to market.


It is easier to say “you should build every API for reuse,” but the reality is far more complex. Who is “you?” How do you enforce the “should?”


Organizations have created a bottleneck by entirely dependent on architectural governors spending time manually reviewing every new service.

Lose Initial Enthusiasm

Often organizations lose initial enthusiasm down the line to follow set of standards & designs build during initial setup time

Burdened Developers

The intention of evangelizing developers about API best practices is good as it makes easier for the API platform team, but actually you’re just shifting the burden of responsibility to developers

Bringing Productivity, Efficiency & governance

  • Increases Speed Through Faster API deployment
  • Reduces risk through fully automated application and configuration of policies
  • Raises Quality Across All APIs
  • Increases Developer Productivity & Efficiency

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