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Condor - Intelligent Document Automation System

Industry-Agnostic, a full built solution live at Coforge clients

Built on Pega but can be offered as as service to be technology agnostic

Solution Features

Living Content – Create, edit, and approve reusable content and purpose-specific templates

  • Users can create content manually through a rich text editor or by using a word processor of their choice
  • Reusable content templates are created from document sections (or articles) which are as small as a sentence or a large as a document
  • Metadata is supported for reuse
  • Advanced Content Management Tables allow users to search through the existing library of documents for relevant content, pick a section and drop it into the table to generate a new document
  • Specialized versioning of documents gives users the ability to create custom categories for specific purposes and dynamically group them by region, language or other custom specification

Dynamic Creation – Generate, edit, collaborate on, and finalize a specific document based on a template

  • Contracts and documents can be automatically generated from existing workflows where business parameters are captured
  • Business users can also create tailored documents and contracts using smart fill form fields
  • Field values can be easily input to create tailored documents
  • Documents can be created from scratch or can be imported and modified with ease

Lifecycle Management – For documents with longer lifecycles, manage associated activities, approvals, and visibility

  • Document lifecycle milestones can be documented to create an automated process with events
  • Internal approval workflows ensure documents are consistent and agreed upon
  • External signature requests are emailed and routed for signature execution using DocuSign or another solution
  • A single or list of signatories can be manually entered or uploaded from a list
  • Workflows for tracking, reminders, renewals, and reporting are built in to drive visibility and completion
  • Automated event, task and timeline creation is supported

Why Condor?

  • Transforms content creation – Intelligent construction and management of content and purpose specific templates
  • Promotes content reuse – Reuse of content sections with unique article design and ease of content creation
  • Creates visibility – reporting to track document creation, status, and completion
  • Enforces standards – Enterprise-wide consistency on all generated documents
  • Enables approvals – Internal and external signatory processes, workflow routing, and follow up actions
  • Fosters teamwork – Internal and external collaboration on content and approvals with versioning
  • Drives workflows – Automated event, task, and timeline creation to support processes such as expirations and renewals
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