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AI Driven Dealer Management Solution

Business Problem Statement

  • Aftermarket services are a stable revenue source, with 2.5 times greater operating margins than new equipment sales
  • There are 3 primary sources of revenue for after-market services: Sale and Delivery of maintenance, sale of spare parts and other value-added services
  • However, the industry today lacks a comprehensive digital solution that maintains a detailed database of dealer services provided including after sales servicing, inspection, parts sold, parts serviced etc and applies AI based models to derive valuable insights from those data elements and provide pre-emptive alerts, notifications on different issues related to the vehicle maintenance
  • The car manufacturers are also severely benefited by AI driven analysis of dealer after-market service data to generate revenue opportunities and identify the most relevant offers that may drive parts/service selling and enhanced customer satisfaction

Solution Overview

  • The solution comprises of the following features to provide an AI driven Dealer management capability
  • Low code/NO code platform with configurable business rules and Data tables
  • Simplified data representation and detailed reporting
  • Dealer performance Evaluation driven by Pega Decisioning
  • Customer 360 view providing detail of servicing and prospective revenue potential
  • AI driven generation of proactive inspection notifications to customers
  • Offer creation based on customer and dealer data analysis and triggering campaigns for customers

Solution Architecture

AI Driven Dealer Management Solution

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced Insights on Dealer Activities in terms of After Market Servicing and Inspection
  • Improved Sales Opportunities with Relevant Offer generation based on the Dealer servicing data
  • Increased effectiveness in communicating offers to the most relevant dealers through the most appropriate channels
  • Better Customer Satisfaction by providing pre-emptive Alerts on product issues thereby avoiding breakdown of machines
  • Better identification of Cross-sell/Up-sell opportunities by forecasting future sales based on the past servicing records, driving patterns, driver profile etc.
  • Responsive UI/dashboard to provide contextual data on dealer activities for engagement planning and rewarding
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