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Process Automation

Business goals achieved with OutSystems Process Automation



  • According to Gartner the automation market is $9B including RPA, Process Mining, Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPMS) and MXDP. Shifts in automation priorities (see other bullets below) means iBPMS is merging with the Enterprise LowCode Platform market (LCAP) for a combined market of >$8B and CAGR of >28%.
  • Automation is as a key strategic priority for digital transformation with IT 81% of organizations automating more tasks over the next 12-18 months [MuleSoft 2020 Connectivity benchmark report]
  • Two thirds of organizations are running some sort of automation initiative but only 15% have scaled automation across multiple parts of the business [McKinsey]
  • COVID-19 is changing firms’ automation agendas rapidly toward back-office processes and business resilience [Forrester].
  • Automation has moved away from heavy BPM suite platforms. Low-code, agile development and a focus on user experience have become critical pieces of the automation agenda [Deep Analysis State of the Digital Process Automation Market Trends 2020-2025

Business Outcomes & Use Cases

  • Increase internal productivity by enabling automation of workflows: Automation of simple business rules and human decisions improving employee satisfaction, often done outside of IT.
  • Application Use Cases: Employee onboarding, HR request mgmt
  • Optimize field and customer services: Organizations looking to improve service quality and employee satisfaction
  • Application Use Cases: Field inspections/safety, Customer/supplier self-service portals.
  • Increase efficiency and transparency across the supply chain: Organizations looking to drive operational efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Application Use Cases: Operational dashboards, Inventory management apps.
  • Streamline complex case management work (loan origination, claims management: Revenue generating applications that deliver significant value to the business
  • Application Use Cases: Core business processes, Data management apps.

OutSystems Value Proposition

OutSystems enables groups outside of IT to build their own simple solutions and ensures that they are able to scale across an organization with appropriate governance and security. Workflows built outside of IT can later be evolved by developers without the need to recreate them in a different technology.

OutSystems enables organizations to build fit-for-purpose solutions on any channel with a great end-user experience, and provides process automation capabilities out-of-thebox to address the most common requirements - logging, auditing, dashboards, etc. Integration to any type of system is simple and quick.

By building large, complex applications with OutSystems, solutions can be deployed in months instead of years. More importantly, the advanced lifecycle capabilities of the OutSystems platform mean that changes can be deployed in days instead of weeks or months. These applications will never become legacy as the underlying technologies are being constantly updated by the OutSystems platform

Our value prop is less strong where the customer just wants BPM capabilities, doesn’t need B2C or isn’t concerned about User Experience, or wants to lead with a Business Analyst with workflow experience

Coforge OutSystems Practice

Coforge are a proud OutSystems Partner providing OutSystems application development, delivery and support services. OutSytems is a modern application platform that helps businesses rapidly build and deploy critical business software applications. It is a cloudnative platform that allows service providers to accelerate the application development lifecycle through a visual, model-driven development. OutSystems’ industry-leading AI-based assistance ensures apps are built in days or weeks, instead of months or years. Coforge’s strong and certified OS practice helps our customers achieve their digital process automation goals, revolutionize their customer’s experience, boost efficiency and maximize customer lifetime value. Currently Coforge are among the top 30 OutSystems partners worldwide. Through our unique and combined expertise in domain and the OutSystems Platform, we provide Application Modernization, Workplace Innovation, Process Automation and Customer Experience transformation solutions. Coforge’s deep expertise in Digital Process Automation technologies such as the low-code/no-code platforms, coupled by our strength in domain empowers organizations to accelerate growth, transform consumer experience, and create lasting value.

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