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Customer Experience Transformation

Business goals achieved with OutSystems Customer Experience Transformation




  • Customers expect effortless experiences across channels: even before the pandemic, 95% of customers used three or more channels in a single service interaction (Forrester)
  • Improving CX was already a major priority for IT, but COVID-19 has massively accelerated this strategic directive with the massive shift to digital channels and permanent changes to consumer behaviour: 20-40% of consumer now intend to continue spending on online channels (McKinsey) and an estimated 70% of loyalty is up for grabs as most consumers report having switched providers recently based on convenience (Gartner, McKinsey)
  • 91% of companies now have CX as one of or the primary goal of their digital business transformation efforts and 60% of companies CX budgets are expected to increase.
  • CX projects involving technology will jump from 59% in 2018 to 68% in 2021. (Gartner).
  • But 65% of B2C and 75% of B2B companies were already lagging behind on their CX transformations (Gartner CX Maturity Model, 2019, 2020). And the pandemic made it even worse as IT struggles to deliver digital experiences at what must now be warp speed. Multiple dev teams working on different technologies to deliver applications for all touchpoints takes a long time, is complex and most companies struggle to hire the talent they need to deliver on them.

Business Initiatives & Use Cases

  • Launch innovative digital products and services at speed: delivering innovative digital products and services at speed to remain competitive, enter new markets, take advantage of new business opportunities and revenue
  • Scale customer service operations with digital customer self-service across touchpoints: giving digital self-service options to customers to replace in-person interactions, reduce the load on call-centers and improve customer satisfaction and safety.
  • Application Use Cases: customer onboarding journeys, customer self-service portals & mobile apps
  • Optimize and streamle channel operations: Streamlining agent, partner and distributor operations by providing them with self service ways to obtain information, create programs and educate teams

OutSystems Value Proposition


Create new apps for any digital touchpoint fast: Use the speed of visual development to create any app, from self-service customer and agent portals to mobile apps, in a matter of weeks ● Unify & simplify omnichannel development: Simplify the way you deliver apps for mobile, web, chat, voice, and AR/VR by using a single platform and team.


Create Pixel-perfect UX/UI with no limits: Create any unique design or interaction from the ground-up or customize a library with dozens of best of breed UX/UI components to deliver the high-quality UX/UI your users expect.

Build Connected Customer Journeys: Break data and process silos by connecting to any system, third-party service, or API; easily automate and optimize processes around serving customers more effectively.

Enterprise-grade CX: Deliver applications of any size or complexity, knowing they will scale to millions of customers, supported by a platform certified for the highest security and compliance standards.

Harness Innovative Technologies Easily: Create smart applications that engage customers in innovative ways, with an everexpanding set of AI, ML and IoT capabilities.

React quickly to changing customer preferences: Integrate with user analytics platforms to collect feedback and iterate continuously to remove friction from your customer journeys. Deploy changes instantly and safely with full lifecycle support.

Coforge OutSystems Practice

Coforge are a proud OutSystems Partner providing OutSystems application development, delivery and support services. OutSytems is a modern application platform that helps businesses rapidly build and deploy critical business software applications. It is a cloudnative platform that allows service providers to accelerate the application development lifecycle through a visual, model-driven development. OutSystems’ industry-leading AI-based assistance ensures apps are built in days or weeks, instead of months or years. Coforge’s strong and certified OS practice helps our customers achieve their digital process automation goals, revolutionize their customer’s experience, boost efficiency and maximize customer lifetime value. Currently Coforge are among the top 30 OutSystems partners worldwide. Through our unique and combined expertise in domain and the OutSystems Platform, we provide Application Modernization, Workplace Innovation, Process Automation and Customer Experience transformation solutions. Coforge’s deep expertise in Digital Process Automation technologies such as the low-code/no-code platforms, coupled by our strength in domain empowers organizations to accelerate growth, transform consumer experience, and create lasting value.

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