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Application Modernization

Business goals achieved with OutSystems Application Modernization



Why Application Modernization?

Application modernization is the conversion, rewriting or porting of a legacy system to a modern software, protocol, or hardware platform.

  • Estimates point to a $ 112 B in Enterprise Software Legacy Modernization spending.
  • Gartner says every dollar spent in digital business innovation will require three dollars to continuously modernize the legacy application portfolio.
  • The Gartner Board of Directors survey says 7 out of 10 boards have accelerated digital business initiatives because of COVID-19 disruption.
  • Forrester says in the next three years, the more advanced and prepared firms will focus on retiring older technology and upgrading their core tech stack to prepare for the future.

Business Initiatives & Use Cases

  • Replacing EOL software: no longer supported by the vendor or built using old technology, and where skill sets are difficult to find, reducing risk and complexity of the IT portfolio.
  • Replacing expensive COTS with OutSystems applications: Reducing costs while increasing business fit and agility by replacing expensive/inflexible COTS with apps build on a modern app platform.
  • Application Use Cases: Build-to-fit CRM/ERP
  • Extending Legacy core applications: protecting investment in existing core applications but delivering new digital channels and capabilities by wrapping legacy apps with a modern platform
  • Application Use Cases: customer/partner portals, mobile employee apps

Why OutSystems for Application Modernization?

When replacing applications, OutSystems has a rich, visual language that ensures customers can build exactly the solution they want and need. OutSystems accelerates all the steps in the application lifecycle. Customers can deploy applications with a single click and make changes just as easily. OutSystems is continuously adding new capabilities and features so that customers can incorporate new features in their applications. From advanced mobility to incorporating AI, IoT - OutSystems has built-in capabilities and pre-built connectors to ensure the latest innovation is not only available to your developers, but easy to use.

Customers select OutSystems to encapsulate (aka wrap) existing applications that cannot deliver the required experience or lack certain features required by the business. Decision criteria include our ability to integrate with any type of existing systems easily and quickly, the high quality of the user experience, and the ability to deliver that experience on any platform. This includes taking advantage of mobile device capabilities such as camera, GPS and working offline. These capabilities are critical to meeting the expectations of users - both customers and employees. When organizations look to rebuild existing applications using traditional code, they often cannot justify the investment because of the time and cost involved. OutSystems provides a visual, model-driven approach proven to dramatically increase productivity for all developer skill levels. This both reduces time to market and cost, enabling complex solutions to be delivered much

Coforge OutSystems Practice

Coforge are a proud OutSystems Partner providing OutSystems application development, delivery and support services. OutSytems is a modern application platform that helps businesses rapidly build and deploy critical business software applications. It is a cloudnative platform that allows service providers to accelerate the application development lifecycle through a visual, model-driven development. OutSystems’ industry-leading AI-based assistance ensures apps are built in days or weeks, instead of months or years. Coforge’s strong and certified OS practice helps our customers achieve their digital process automation goals, revolutionize their customer’s experience, boost efficiency and maximize customer lifetime value. Currently Coforge are among the top 30 OutSystems partners worldwide. Through our unique and combined expertise in domain and the OutSystems Platform, we provide Application Modernization, Workplace Innovation, Process Automation and Customer Experience transformation solutions. Coforge’s deep expertise in Digital Process Automation technologies such as the low-code/no-code platforms, coupled by our strength in domain empowers organizations to accelerate growth, transform consumer experience, and create lasting value.

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