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Legal Aid Case Management Solution

Business Problem

Public Legal Aid is generally not integrated with the back end Law Office, effectively creating a gap in citizen services as the citizens connect with the legal aid department only via a phone call. Lack of a centralized application where the client’s legal case details, related information and services can be managed, viewed and tracked. Different tools are used to generate various forms of communications to clients and external practitioners. Without an intelligent self-help guide application available for the citizens, the Legal Aids departments experience a lot of phone calls from the citizens over the FAQs or case related details which could have been resolved without any manual intervention.


Coforge has created a case management and customer relationship management solution along with service portals for interaction between the clients and the Legal Aids department’s CSR users/office managers to provide legal assistance through the inhouse or external practitioners. The Client Portal is aimed to be a digital one stop shop for clients to access their case information and manage their legal matters. The solution covers the features such as real time updates on grants application, appointments and access to correspondence and supporting documents and relevant resources and thereby helps the clients / practitioners preparing for their appointments and court attendances. Also, the clients or citizens with legal problems usually have a longer wait time on phone and are often bounced around different divisions to get the information they want. As a result, sometimes they miss their important appointments or they do not get the legal references or guidance to take the appropriate actions as per their legal problems. This creates stress and anxiety for them as they are already in a volatile or vulnerable situation. To overcome this problem, Coforge has built a Chatbot with NLP so that it can intelligently assist the citizens to help remediate their legal problems without any delay. The Legal Aid solution, built using an intuitive Appian case management platform for the internal or inhouse practitioners or office managers or Legal Support officers (LSOs) to search / create the client 360-degree profiles for an individual / Organizations. The solution helps users capture the Client’s problem statement (Matter) and provide the appropriate solution(services) through –

  • Booking an appointment for advice
  • Mediation between Client and opponent parties (other party) to resolve the disputes
  • Create appropriate grants for financial aid to provide legal assistance on appropriate case requests
  • Capture the outcomes of court proceeding and generate the document
  • Manage Client interactions and Referrals when needed

The solution is easily extendable and scalable as per the business requirements and it adheres to industry standards and best practices, ensuring interoperability between different components and portability across different channels.

Some of the salient features of this solution are :

  • An end-to-end Citizen Centric Legal Aid solution for Legal Matter Creation and related Services Management along with Customer Portal for citizen enablement to view, manage and take actions on legal cases whenever required.
  • The solution encompasses the user journeys of the Citizens, Call Centre Representatives, office managers and the Practitioners / Solicitors (internal/external) while processing a legal aid case.
  • Automated task assignment and referrals using business rules for facility creation and query handling
  • The Client portal for Registered Citizens to have all the related and relevant case details on their fingertips so that they are always aware of their legal proceedings and interact with the legal aids department or lawyer directly without any delay.
  • Intelligent Chatbot with NLP for faster guidance

Key benefits

  • A comprehensive citizen centric Legal Aid solution to manage the Client details, Matters and related services details and interactions with clients across channels like phone, web
  • Reduced number of phone calls for inquiries by using Chatbot to respond the FAQs of the clients / Citizens
  • Minimal call waiting time by using Voice AI to respond to client inquiries / service requests
  • A client portal for enabling clients to view the case details, raise new requests, reschedule appointments or directly interact with the lawyer
  • Client 360 view with all client information, documents, related contacts and activities like referrals, Grants etc.
  • Citizen enablement for self-help and query resolution

Legal Aid Case Management Solution

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