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Intelligent Decision Making For Appian Business Processes

Business Problem Statement:

Business processes are usually associated with different user-driven decision-making processes to complete a transaction. Typically, an end-user needs to act upon the task to take the business process further or complete the flow. As the number of transactions increases, users are unable to meet SLAs in a timely manner impacting efficiency and the client experience.

Typical issues:

  • Breaching SLAs can lead to compliance and legal issues.
  • Poor customer experience and cascading problems
  • Increasing costs and delays in downstream transactions
  • Delays in the completion of high-value transactions

Solution Overview:

Coforge has created a dedicated intelligent decision-making solution for Appian business processes that automates the decision-making process by configuring key business process features. Key data features which plays a crucial role in tasking the necessary decision is ingested from Appian to the machine learning model pipeline for training and inference of the ML model. The prediction model accuracy can be continuously improved by ingesting new transactional data regularly.

Solution Benefits

  • Automatic decision-making to meet required SLA’s
  • Significantly reduced processing time for transactions
  • High accuracy levels
  • Reduced manual errors

Solution Features

  • Automated decision-making by minimizing human intervention (zero dependencies of end-user)
  • Flexible configuration for expanding the capability to any Appian business process suitable for discrete output predictionHigh accuracy levels
  • Increased output as transaction turnaround time is greatly reduced.
  • Generic component adaptable across all domains
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