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Appian Productivity Suite

Solution Overview

Starting with development, the suite can significantly cut down on the time it takes to do code reviews. With Virtual Application Reviewer (similar to a consultant reviewing each line of code), developers can spend more time developing, and less time reviewing. Then onto testing. There’s one phrase when spoken on a daily stand up that causes universal groans: “regression testing”. It’s fundamentally important, but it’s usually an all-hands-on-deck moment that takes resources away from development and ultimate deployment. With our testing automation solution, organizations can continuously add interface based tests as they develop. And when it comes time to deploy, a quick click and test that cases are executing and new features are working properly is all thats needed. The last and most commonly forgotten piece is deployment. The continuous delivery solution for Appian makes it easy to coordinate Test and VAR for any deployment, facilitate code check-in, and integrates out of the box with Jenkins so your Appian deployments neatly fit into your deployment pipeline.

Virtual Application Review (VAR)

Streamline and Automate Appian Application Review Process

Virtual Application Review (VAR) is an Appian application built to automate the Appian Code Review Process. VAR automatically reviews the Appian application against a pre-defined set of best practices and provides a 360 degree view on code quality. It is also integrated with Appian Health Check and Unit Testing Framework to provide better visibility of the objects that comply with coding standards.

Solution Benefits

  • Quick and uniform code review process
  • Consistent, scalable and better performing code
  • Helps to minimize defects upfront
  • Reduces deployment delays
  • Easy code maintenance

Test Automation Framework for Appian (TEST)

Allows Organizations to Accelerate their Testing Automation Initiative

Test Automation Framework allows organizations to accelerate their testing automation initiative for Appian applications. Based on Selenium & TestNG, TEST provides a data driven framework that has capabilities for testing authentication, role-based security, navigation, sites, reports, dashboards and many other applications related functional areas without any scripting.

Solution Benefits

  • Standardize and expedite the adoption of test automation for Appian applications across the enterprise
  • Ability to easily incorporate new test scenarios by data driven configuration
  • TEST Scriptless Automation enables QA teams to focus on building exhaustive test scenarios rather than developing scripts
  • New Selenium features can be easily leveraged by the framework
  • Testing of Appian applications with automation across multiple operating systems and web browser

Appian Continous Delivery Framework(ACD)

Continuous Delivery Framework Enabling Organizations to Respond to Increasing Business Demands

ACD solution provides a Continuous Delivery Framework enabling organizations to respond to increasing business demands by delivering regular releases with a faster time to market. The framework uses Appian’s Process Management capabilities to orchestrate and automate the application release process. It brings together a number of the key DevOps processes, specifically: Continuous Integration, Scripted Deployment and the Deployment Pipeline.

Solution Benefits

  • Deploys applications with lower risks and fewer failures
  • Provides a 360° view of all release processes, deployments and build levels across multiple environments
  • Performs automated smoke testing before and after deployments
  • Automates quality checks before and after deployment for each build Performs full regression tests as required in each environment
  • Sends real time notifications and alerts of the deployment statuses
  • Uses out of the box connectors to integrate with commonly used test
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