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Meta Data Management

Meta Data refers to structured data about Data. In other words, metadata captures contextual information about data that includes attributes specific to the data. In a data rich environment, metadata helps capture the flow of data at different stages and is a critical component of Data management.

Meta data management refers to the processes that help manage tons of metadata throughout its lifecycle which arises in all the different stages of Data flow in an organization. The end result of a implemented meta data management tool is a full data tracking map, which gives insights from both a developer’s perspective also called impact analysis and a business perspective also referred to as data lineage.

Coforge is one of the industry leaders in metadata management. Coforge uses a wide range of data lineage tools, data cataloguing tools, metadata management software available in the market and has strategic partnerships with the leading metadata management platforms in the world Coforge implements metadata management across its clientele to ensure effective data governance, improved data accuracy, data consistency, data discovery and for effective collaboration and reuse.

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