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Data Governance

Coforge has been a leader in data governance services for over a decade. Our range of services include data classification, cataloging, lineage, data security and access control, data asset lifecycle, policy formulation and data administration.

Data governance is one of the most important areas of focus for any data driven organization and provides a robust framework for accessing and using data for business decisions. It is a dynamic area with an ever-changing regulatory landscape and fast technology turnover.

Coforge helps businesses develop robust, secure, and flexible data governance frameworks for efficient management of their critical data. Coforge has transformed the data governance frameworks of major banks, insurance providers, IT companies, staffing firms and airlines by providing best in class solutions for data stewardship, quality standards and compliance. We leverage our significant experience in encryption, administration, our deep expertise on domain standards and regulations on data privacy to develop long term solutions to engage with the emerging technology and business landscape.

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