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Data Virtualization

Coforge has been providing data virtualization solutions to many customers for over a decade. We provide end to end data virtualization services to enable businesses unlock the power of data, reducing cost and increasing resilience by eliminating the need for separate policies and technologies for different data sources.

Data virtualization is an evolving area of data management, with companies increasingly looking to leverage its potential in eliminating bottlenecks in data pipelines and enabling faster access to data. Data virtualization creates a logical layer between the front-end user and the underlying data without having to significantly manipulate formatting or worry about physical or logical constraints.

Coforge provides reliable, accurate and secure data virtualization solutions to enable businesses to focus on their core area of expertise. We have provided solutions to IT, retail, insurance, healthcare, travel and airlines firms to enable them to adopt virtualization and solve their data entanglement issues. Coforge brings the latest technological developments coupled with a consultative approach and industry partnerships to provide robust, accurate, highly available and scalable data virtualization solutions.

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