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Self Service BI

Coforge has been at the forefront of Self-Service BI, creating and delivering value to more than 30 customers across 10 different industry verticals. We provide solutions incorporating multi cloud capabilities enabling proactive decision making and flexibility to pick and choose the best possible solutions.

Self-Service BI has been a growing area of focus for business organizations looking to permeate BI in their teams without having to allocate significant IT resources. We enable organizations to engage with emerging technologies and methodologies by leveraging our expertise building scalable and resilient BI solutions.

We have helped major clients in travel, tourism and hospitality, telecom, BFSI, HR and healthcare transform their BI implementations and adopt a self-service model, enabling business decision makers to significantly speed up their decision-making processes. We bring a deep understanding of technology coupled with excellent domain knowledge and technology accelerators to facilitate speedy, secure, and reliable solutions.

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