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Customer Analytics

Coforge brings to the fore a longstanding expertise on customer analytics backed by more than 3 decades of experience providing effective solutions to help decision makers across industries. We provide a range of services incorporating a cross functional approach and the latest technology to deliver revenue growth and solutions tailored to specific needs.

Customer Analytics is an evolving area of marketing and sales analytics. Organizations see a year-on-year revenue growth of 40% or more after adopting the latest practices in this space. We help improve sales forecasts, customer retention, customer experience while enhancing lifetime value and enable traditional and emerging industries transition into data enabled business decision making.

We have helped organizations achieve exceptional performance parameters across banking, insurance, travel, tourism, hospitality and healthcare by deploying ML based accelerators, legacy and cloud-based solutions and cost-effective processes. We bring excellent technical knowhow, a deep understanding of data driven business and a thorough understanding of customer pain points to deliver effective, repeatable and accurate customer analytics solutions.

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