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Managed Services

In Managed Services we help setting up the instance for the customer and ensure the platform is enhanced to meet the customer expectations with refined and optimised architecture. We provide a dedicated team to ensure the uptime for the services provided with the business-as-usual support model. We enable our customers to understand their licenses position and help to procure new licenses and optimise existing one based on usage. We align upgrades for the customer with platform versions n-1 as recommended by ServiceNow.

Instance Setup (Dedicated/Shared)

We offer Shared and dedicated instances of ServiceNow for our customers based on their budgets and requirements.

License provisioning

We Facilitate procurement of ServiceNow licenses if required in customer landscape for their existing setup or new products and apps that they are planning to purchase and implement. 

Maintenance and Support

We provide highly scalable and expert Service support and maintenance services which are highly cost efficient in comparison to in house ServiceNow support. We also invest a lot in the upgrade of our resources to provide service excellence to you create value from investments in the long run


We facilitate enhancements on outside the functional scope of implemented applications for the existing customers which could be a new demand review and estimation, Application development, configuration, and integration. 

Upgrade Support

We provide support to manage and execute bi-annual ServiceNow upgrade on existing instances to ensuring seamless and uninterrupted delivery and availability of services. 

Architecture and Platform Optimisation

We have experts to study, aid, and solve architectural design flaws including analysis and design of complex functionalities. We also look for performance analysis, license optimization and health check to unlock full instance potential. .

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