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Consulting & Assessment

In consulting and assessment , we begin with analysing the customer systems with detailed process maturity assessment and focus on the key process to improve we recommend tools based the gaps identified . Post the assessment we have a detailed discussion where we used various techniques for requirement gathering and recommend a solution to the customer with detailed process alignment to the organisation need to ensure customer success, we have dedicated OCM team to manage the organisation wide adoption of the new tool, process and focus on people.

Product/Tool Selection

Leveraging our well researched Product Rating methodology, we provide expert advice and guidance on the most optimum product option for managing your IT and Business processes. Further, we have expertise in tool assessment and consolidation which help in optimising the costs and achieve higher productivity for our customers.

Gap Assessment

We utilize a conventional group of techniques used to analyse and define the gap between current state and desired future state for our customers. We help in improving the performance of business operations by doing the gap assessment around the processes, tools, & skill and later providing the recommendations around the identified gaps. 

Process Maturity Assessment

With years of experience and expertise in successful IT implementations and management, we have created a standard set of process definitions which are in sync with the various frameworks and guidelines.  We help enterprises using common mechanisms to measure the maturity of ITIL processes within an organization against these defined guidelines and help them reach there.

Requirement Analysis

We have a team of SMEs to do a focused and detailed requirement analysis by understanding the business needs and the “to be” state for their target operating model. We focus on functional/technical and transitional/operational requirements.

Solution Design

We provide high-level solution designs that represent the actual solution that gets implemented after the gap assessments and requirement analysis. It involves the product/tool/ technology through which a specific process will be implemented in a specific timeframe along with the overall architecture of the solution.

Process Reengineering

We help organisations by redesigning and recreating their core business processes to bring drastic improvement in efficiency, productivity, and quality of the output. We also help in reducing costs, and eliminating business wastes like redundant tools, processes, and skills.

Organization Change Management

We help organisations to navigate through complex transitions by facilitating Organisational changes and maintain a healthy work environment.

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