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Coforge Solutions

Coforge has invested heavily in building products and solutions on ServiceNow that can help Industrialize our implementations as well as add value to our users. We have a dedicated product engineering team, who has been relentlessly creating solutions for the business leveraging advanced ServiceNow features like AI, ML, UI builder and App Engine. 

Helios AIOps

Combination of artificial intelligence and operations provides a multi-layer tech platforms that apply machine learning, analytics, and data science to automatically identify and resolve IT operational issues. Predicts issue before they occur, prevent impact to end users and automate remediation and resolution. 

License Wise

Captures the ServiceNow license utilization in customer landscape. Coforge IP to track and comply with ServiceNow subscriptions.

Catalog Builder

Automate the catalog build for low, medium and high complexity catalogs. Catalog builder experience enables you to delegate the creation and maintenance of the catalog to end users.

One-Click Translator 

Translates notifications, Knowledge article, Catalog items in language of your choice without incurring any additional ServiceNow products.


Ensure best practices being followed by developers, Runs Scans to identify non-compliance in ServiceNow code. Health Scan utility developed by Coforge to help probe your ServiceNow instance for configurations that indicate health issues and identify opportunities to address best practices


Find answers and get things done across IT, HR, facilities, and other departments—all from ClickIT. Allows you to raise an incident, request , provide approval or reject and more. 

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