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Coforge Helios is intelligent programmable platform leveraging AI and ML tools & technologies. It helps to gain visibility and insights across infrastructure, applications, data and cloud environment in addition to augmenting IT service management and automation. This drives predictive decision making, creates better experiences for customers, improve robustness and security for agility and business growth.

A key aspect of Helios platform is the ease of programmability it offers in multiple dimensions that can help team gain a 360-degree view. This greatly helps the organization to reduce the time and effort it takes to provision, operate, maintain, troubleshoot and monitor the environment – especially during an emergency.

The Helios Platform delivers

  • High performance business services
  • Moves ITOps from a reactive team to an intelligent business unit
  • Helps gain visibility across infrastructure and apps and maintain service health
  • Optimizes cloud delivery and spend


SELF SCALECan your application scale automatically during peaks?SELF FAILOVERCan your application automatically recover during disasters as per your business needs?SELF SERVICECan your developers provision new environment automatically by themselves? SELF DEPLOYCan your developers build and deploy automatically using fully automated CI/CD pipeline?SELF HEALCan your application recover from interruption by itselfSELF MONITORCan your application monitor its own health and proactively predict failures?Financial OptimizationBusiness AlignmentTransformationUser ExperienceService Improvement
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