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DevSecOps on GCP

In today’s fast moving technology world, it becomes essential to have business applications and its IT infrastructure to be efficient and secured.

Lately, DevSecOps is making enormous differentiation in the IT industry by including security from the beginning of the application development and ensuring a seamless and secured software development life cycle (SDLC). DevSecOps culture is about moving out of the traditional approach of executing security check in the last stage of release cycle and embedding security into the entire process. This helps protect the business and address the demanding business need at faster pace.

In last few years, organizations are moving towards digital transformation to meet the demanding and competitive edge of market. DevSecOps itself is a transformation journey which needs to be taken in phases. Adoption of DevSecOps practice and delivering its value are achieved by transformation through people, process, tools, and substantial culture change within an organisation.

During this transformation journey, it is significant decision for an enterprise to select the right partner to sail your journey smoothly and seamlessly.

To realise the benefit of DevSecOps, COFORGE offers new way of delivering DevSecOps Solution which relies on agile practice and automation. Some of the anticipated value outcomes are -

  • Accelerate speed and agility from idea to execution
  • Improve the quality of your software
  • Security Posture improvement
  • Manage complex or changing systems efficiently and with reduced risk

Coforge with a proven experience of delivering DevSecOps on Google cloud platform (GCP), uses following assets & IP’s:

  • DevSecOps Maturity Assessment Framework
  • DevSecOps Transformation Service
  • IAC Framework

Google Cloud offers native tools including but not limited to Container Registry, Cloud Build, Cloud Source Repositories and Cloud Deployment Manager for the DevOps workflow and Coforge bring value by including security practices in the workflow resulting in stable and secured software product.

Coforge’s strong team of DevSecOps professionals, framework and methodology help customers on their DevSecOps journey through our DevSecOps maturity assessment and DevSecOps Transformation Services



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